Links to Remixes, Collabs & Features

by Stevia Sphere


Just some links to the remixes, collabs and features I've done that are not on my bandcamp.

Crystal Vessel - Solace (feat. glaciære)

Crystal Vessel - Fervent (feat. glaciære)

Kissonance - Wish I Wanted Less (Tovatronica remix)

No Eyed Girl & glaciære - Sugar

planet Jane - in a world without magic (glaciære remix)

planet Jane - in a world without magic (pine voc vocal remix)

RØBØTAISEN - 商業コックピット (feat. glaciære)

Trademarks & Copyrights - 喜び 24​-​7 (glaciære remix)

アポロ - くん~ - 彼女は登場した (glaciære remix)

ダンケ Vibes - Synth Crests (feat. SteviaDX)

회사AUTO - Rêves Binaires (feat. glaciære and OSCOB)


released June 6, 2019

Crystal Vessel


No Eyed Girl

planet Jane


Trademarks & Copyrights

アポロ - くん~

ダンケ Vibes




Stevia Sphere Sweden

My name is Tova and I start too many projects.

Most songs are available for free use for Youtube videos, games, podcasts, etc as long as you credit me. For licenses, see each individual album.

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