They're out there

from by SteviaDX



Connecting their vr headsets and inserting the diskette. Lines of code flickers and lights up the bedroom as their minds synchronize with the computers. Thoughts travel in both directions, through modem, through telephone wire.

The simulation starts,

They chose a rooftop this time. The air of 1s and 0s is warm and feels almost like real air. Instant communication, true to life meetings, it's all possible in the modern world without the need for electronic mail or chat rooms. They hold hands, they stare at the stars, dangling their legs from the ledge.

Something flickers and lights up the night sky. "Do you believe they're out there?" Their hands are held tighter, their minds are hazy from the heat. "Yeah".

When the sun rises, the simulation ends, and they take separate roads.


from SteviaDX, released July 12, 2016




Stevia Sphere Sweden

My name is Tova and I start too many projects.

Most songs are available for free use for Youtube videos, games, podcasts, etc as long as you credit me. For licenses, see each individual album.

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